Online Games - Benefits and drawbacks

As every coin has two sides, so this is the case with every aspect in our life - having both pros and cons. When it comes to playing games online, there have been different opinions from people across the world, rooting either for the positive side or for the negative side from it. In this article, I would like to club both advantages and disadvantages, so that you can do a relative comparison and come to a well reasoned conclusion.

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We love to do things that give to us fun and joy. These games promise similar fun and joy that one couldn't resist.

Following a hectic day at school, office etc., we want to relax ourselves by tuning to various activities like listening to music, winning contests, watching TV and so on. Therefore, doing offers online can be seen as a relieving factor.

The realm of animation has always attracted thousands of people, so there is no wonder if someone gets attracted to online games as it is filled with full of animated characters. So, visual treat is the factor driving people to play online games.
Tree of Savior
Online games provide a chance to interact with other players from around the globe. This would help our communication skills and also help in learning their customs and culture. You might say, you gain diverse knowledge in addition to the gaming knowledge.

You have a tendency to become more attentive and alert by playing games. This is because it improves your reasoning and thinking skills.

Games such as Sudoku, Chess, Puzzles are a good feed to your brain. It'll improve your analytic abilities and problem-solving skills.

Your brain will explode with activities if you want to make some quick reflexes. Hence, it enhances your decision making skills.

Finally, online flash games form one the best money making options on the planet, as you get a good returns about the bet you make on bingo online flash games.


Internet games are very addictive in nature, eating your main valuable time. You'll not be able to concentrate on other activities, as you get absorbed in the virtual arena of online games.

It shortens your eye sight, hurts your back, and damages the relationships since this is sedentary in nature.

Lot of health problems pop up, if you're glued to computer playing these games.

As they require in depositing money, you may end up losing great deal of money.

You'll be subjected to unnecessary stress and may even become a victim to hypertension. You won't be able to keep up the things in your own life.

Over dosage of anything hurts, so it's recommended to possess a control in what you do. Play for entertainment but never get hooked on online games.